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Collection of Projects
Founded in 2005, W.DESIGN combines western humanized elegance with oriental cultural essence, so as to build up a unique contemporary design language named Modern Orient, which will create an artistic space with the Oriental-style aesthetics, and express the life and details in an artistic manner.

The representative works include a number of important commercial real estate and residence projects in China such as Capital Garden, Zhongliang Ruifu, Shimao Yunhu, Tianyue Xishan, Yihexiang, and Huangputan Mingyuan.

Ben Wu was elected by ANDREW MARTIN for two consecutive times, made on AD 100 List, elected as the formal member in the tenth session of Hall of Fame by an American magazine INTERIOR DESIGN in Chinese version, and awarded the Prize of Top Ten Annual Characters of Chinese Interior Design in 2015; furthermore, he is the first Chinese designer as the cover person of an English magazine named Christie.